no. 17 – What is it about Starbucks?

I didn’t blog last night because I was out enjoying coffee with a good friend. I got out of the house, enjoyed adult conversation and took a break from my “nurse” duties.

It was rainy and cool. I had a warm cup of tea in my hand and was able to take a deep breath. I do thoroughly enjoy Starbucks products {this is not a plug}, but even more than that, I enjoy being at Starbucks. CEO Howard Schultz was really on to something when he promoted Starbucks as the “third place.” It is peaceful. The music is soothing. The atmosphere is calm. It is a gathering place for friends.

I came home from meeting with my friend refreshed, challenged to try new things, energized and ready to tackle the week.

I’m a better mommy when I have some “me” time.

P.S. And I am so thankful to have a hubby that encourages that in my life.

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