no. 16 – Bread of Life

Then Jesus declared, “I am the bread of life. He who comes to me will never go hungry, 
and he who believes in me will never be thirsty.
 John 6:35
I am sorry to keep bringing up N’s surgery, but this has been our life for the last week and it has been quite consuming. {Side note: I would like to acknowledge the nursing profession and say, “Thank you.” You are awesome. I don’t know how you do it.} While N is maintaining a smile most of the time and is beginning to use her voice more, there are certain times of day that are the most challenging. Meal times, morning wake-up and the after nap wake-up. It all seems to be centered around one issue … H U N G E R.  N’s diet is still pretty soft in terms of texture. We are challenged at each and every meal time. Applesauce, mashed potatoes, bananas? Not to be too graphic, but N’s very sensitive gag reflex makes these items less than pleasurable for all around the table. Not to mention the scary feeling of sending “a box of tacks” down her throat with every swallow no matter how cold, soft or soothing it may be. 
But she is so hungry. This is why our post-sleep times are always so challenging. She wakes up with hunger pains that seem extreme {yes, she is dramatic}. It’s like the Big Hungry Bear PMSing. She is miserable. And I want to scream. And I patiently wait as she gets her frustration out.  For the next 15 minutes it is all I can do to get something in her mouth and down her throat. Amazingly though, after a few bites she settles down, takes a few deep breaths and her demeanor changes. What water and food do for the body is truly incredible. Hence the verse I put at the top of this post.
God understands. He knows our bodies and how much we physically depend on food and water. His example is so tangible. This verse has come A L I V E for me this week. Without food and water we are not functional – we don’t heal as quickly, we have no energy, we are unable to be rational, we are exhausted and we are mean, cranky, unable to handle our emotions. How perfect that he would offer “bread” to us that would keep our hunger at bay forever. And “water” that would truly satisfy. His “food” translates to L I F E. 
I know we’ll get through this time and N’s appetite will return, along with her cuddles when she wakes up from her precious sleep. I do not, however, want to forget this lesson. Accepting God’s invitation for his satisfying “food” is necessary, a must. Accept it. Be satisfied.
And L I V E.
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