Day Thirteen – 15 Things to be Grateful For…

What is that sound? I sat up from my much needed nap to the sound of pouring rain. Ah…I love that sound. I returned to my horizontal position and snuggled up a little tighter in my blanket. What a treat this was for me today. About 2 hours before this fabulous nap, I was on the phone crying. I wasn’t sure how much pain medicine to give Noe, I was tired of being pulled in a million different directions, my ever-growing belly was sore, my to-do list keeps growing and nothing is being marked off, blah…blah…blah. We’ve all been there, huh? I suppose you could say I had a minor melt-down. As composed as possible I made the kids lunch and we all settled down for nap time.
After an hour of great sleep {the kind when you drool}, I enjoyed some quiet time. I was reading and perusing blogs when I stumbled on one about having a “thankful list”.  I enjoyed reading what this particular woman was thankful for and felt I needed to make a list of my own. It seems ironic that on a day when I was quite frustrated with my lack of control and inability to accomplish MY tasks, I was reminded that I have so much to be thankful for. God always seems to work that way, doesn’t He?
Since today is the 15th, I thought it fitting that I’d write down 15 things. Who knows, this may be a monthly post. I happen to believe that reminding oneself of his/her blessings brings perspective.
I have a request from you; homework if you will. I’d like you to write down the 15 things for which you are thankful. It may take some time, but I encourage you to go through the process. It is an excellent exercise and in the end, you’ll have a smile on your face.
Here is my list . . . I can’t wait to read yours.

1. A recovering 4 year old {she is doing quite well}.
2. M’s sweet smile.
3. My hardworking hubby.
4. Decaf Americanos.
5. A home that keeps us dry in the rain.
6. A God that holds the stars in His hands and knows me by name.
7. Friends that delivered meals for the last 3 evenings.
8. Prayer.
9. Pumpkin bread.
10. N’s flowers that she draws with crayons.
11. My tummy that sways and jumps because of our growing son.
12. The rain.
13. Spinach salad.
14. My computer.
15. The sound of laughter in our home.

Be blessed.

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