Masterpieces … clay in the potter’s hand

Good morning! It is Memory Verse Monday and I’m very excited to share our verse for the week.

:: Isaiah 64:8 ::

But now, O LORD, You are our Father;
We are the clay, and You our potter;
And we are the work of Your hand.

As a mother of young children, I am constantly looking for ways to bring scripture to life. When I read this verse earlier this week, I pictured my kids playing play dough {which they absolutely love}. With the “clay” in their tiny hands, they create shapes, animals, people. They make masterpieces. Oh to truly understand that God sees us the same way. Masterpieces.

My prayer for you this week is that you understand God’s perfection. He does not make mistakes. He doesn’t love you in spite of who you are but BECAUSE of who you are. You were created for a purpose. You are His masterpiece.

:: for the kids ::

Here is a great recipe we use to make play dough at home …

3 cups flour

1 1/2 cups salt

3 cups water

1 tablespoons vegetable oil

1 tablespoon cream of tartar

a few drops of food coloring (color of your choice)

Mix ALL of the ingredients in a large saucepan.
Cook over medium low heat, stirring intermittently, until the dough comes away from the edges of the pan and becomes thick so it is difficult to move the spoon. Remove from heat.
Let play-dough cool in the pan until it can be handled.
Turn play-dough out on counter or on wax paper and knead 3 – 4 times.
Store in an air tight container up to 3 months.

Have fun!

Oh and don’t miss out, I have added a button for MV Monday. Grab it!

Have a blessed week,


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