Sea Glass …

“Sea glass is glass found on beaches along oceans, bays, rivers or large lakes that has been tumbled and smoothed by the waves, water and sand, creating smooth, frosted shards of glass.” {source}

I love sea {beach} glass. In fact, every time we are at the beach, I find my eyes scanning the ground with the hope of finding one little gem. I love the colors, the smooth feel, the odd shapes, and the story that comes with each piece. Though I will not really ever know the true story, it is fun to think about the possibilities. Collecting beach glass really seems so silly. It is trash. I wouldn’t be thrilled about picking up a piece of broken glass off of the street, but I somehow can’t deny it if it happens to be hidden between the rocks and the sand at the beach. Why is that?

While praying with a friend about some upcoming events in her life, I kept thinking of beach glass and smooth stones. I couldn’t help but speak up. “I know this may sound odd, but I see you as a piece of beach glass.” Once upon a time, you were tossed in the waters, quite unsure of what might happen to you. Over time you washed up on shore and had to endure the crashing waves, over and over again. There were moments that you felt like giving up because the pain was just too much. Or, you wanted so desperately to get yourself back out to the open water where you didn’t have the constant pounding against you. And yet, you remained. You stood firm on the promise that you will be taken care of. “And just look at you. Refined. A woman of perseverance. A gem. You are valuable. Beautiful.”

Pain and hardship are miserable. We will do almost anything to keep it away. Yet it is through pain that we are refined. We change. We grow. We are somehow strengthened. It is uncomfortable. So uncomfortable. For example, I am training for my first {sprint} triathlon. There are days that I simply don’t want to work that hard. I don’t want to get in the pool or run that long or ride my bike. My body hurts, it aches. But I push through and at the end of the workout, I feel stronger. I rest knowing that I am a little more prepared today than I was the day before. I think hardship is the same way. While we desire to escape it, we come out stronger than we were before. This isn’t without tears or some “Why God?” moments. Even Jesus before he died said, “Father, let this cup pass from me. Nevertheless, not my will, but yours.”

So what does this have to do with beach glass? I see my life and the life of my friend as a little piece of beach glass. We aren’t always sure how we will survive different circumstances in our lives. We think we will break under the constant crashing of disappointments, hardships, and trials. But, if a piece of discarded trash can become something beautiful and valuable, I have to believe my Creator is doing much the same with me. He is refining me. Smoothing the rough edges. Softening the exterior that can cut and be dangerous. He values me and with the break of each wave, I am becoming more of who I was created to be. And you are too.





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