Govern your Domain …

I’ve often joked about the many titles a stay-at-home mom {SAHM}can use.  Here are some examples:

Mistress of My Domain

Chief Home Officer

Domestic Goddess

While a funny {and mildly entertaining} exercise, it is important to remember that the job description is not to be taken lightly.

In fact, P A R E N T I N G is not to be taken lightly whether we work outside or inside the home.

Have you ever considered your home being run as a government or kingdom? Strange, huh? This morning while I was reading Proverbs 29, I found something interesting. Verses 15- 18 seemed to have a pattern that I’ve not recognized before. This particular portion of scripture flip-flops between being a parent and a ruler. {I certainly don’t consider myself a “Ruler of My Domain”, my husband, however, may otherwise disagree}.

You may be asking yourself the question, who cares? I do and here is why. Do I consider my “job” as a Mom to be as important as a King {or Queen} ruling a country? Most days, I do not … I am sure of that. In fact, I find myself telling people what I “used to do” before I had kids so as to validate my very expensive education and be sure that the person I am talking to understands that I once did something “important”. What a silly frame of mind. We see in these four verses alone that parenting is lumped together with being a Ruler of some kind. It is for a reason. It is important. It is crucial. The future of those living in the “kingdom” depends on it.

Check it out: Proverbs 29

15 To discipline a child produces wisdom, but a mother is disgraced by an undisciplined child. {Parent}

16 When the wicked are in authority, sin flourishes, but the godly will live to see their downfall. {Ruler}

17 Discipline your children, and they will give you peace of mind and will make your heart glad. {Parent}

18 When people do not accept divine guidance, they run wild. But whoever obeys the law is joyful. {Assumption is a group of people under a Ruler, a monarchy}

I suppose my point in writing this to you is to encourage you. To give you a new perspective on your “domain.” Disciplining our children is an endless process. One that all too often makes us feel frustrated, exhausted and left wondering if we will ever see the fruit of our efforts. Verse 15 tells us, “DO NOT STOP!” The outcome is far too valuable when done properly.

It matters how we rule. Verse 16 encourages us that our character plays an important role in how our “people” {children} will respond to us and life outside of our domain. Wickedness produces wickedness. The alternative? Love produces love. Our example becomes a blueprint for behavior. How are you behaving towards your children? Here is a great example of how to live out your character in love towards those around you.

How perfect that God gives us a cause and effect scenario here. Keep up the discipline and you will see the result. Your child will make your heart glad. Now, this doesn’t mean it will happen tomorrow or even five years from now. But it is written right here in verse 17 that if we discipline our beloved children, we will have peace of mind and our hearts will be glad. Oh how I want to remember this when it is so much easier to ignore an unwanted behavior, make an excuse for something that was said, practice laziness or just get angry and yell.

Lastly, we see in verse 18 that an ignorance of God causes people to run wild. I can assume the same for my children. The Bible is a framework for our lives. It has information for each one of us and for our children. People have likened it to a road map. I want that map! Especially when I am charting territory that is unfamiliar, dark, sometimes frustrating, but worth the trip {my son is in his trying 3’s}. According to this verse, we can live a life of chaos or a life of joy. Hmmm … not really a tough question for me.

How do you govern your “domain”? Do you see yourself as a Mom, or Dad, that just plugs away each day, maintaining life and trying to produce respectable offspring. … OR …  Do you envision yourself as a King or Queen with princesses and princes that will one day rule their own domain? Oh and keep this in mind … they too will lead their own people someday.




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