What a weekend …

As some of you know, the verse that was chosen for this week was 1 Peter 5:7, “Cast your cares on Him, for He cares for you.” I also told you that there was a reason. Let me share it with you.

We live in an amazing neighborhood. Each year we take a trip to our friend’s boathouse on the Puget Sound. I can’t even begin to tell how beautiful it is there. We tent camp on a beautiful grassy field about 25 yards from the beach. I call it “posh” camping because we have access to a full kitchen, a bathroom, a shower and any other niceties we might need. It is a blessing to be surrounded by great company for four days. I believe when we are all in attendance, there are 9 families {27 kids and 18 adults}. It is crazy and wonderful.

This particular trip did not disappoint! Time was spent feasting on fresh crab, watching the sunset, talking around a campfire, tasting gooey smores, playing games together, nuzzling sun-kissed cheeks, delighting in our kids as they played in the sand, endless laughter while riding on the tube behind the boat. I am so thankful.

Why then did I choose this verse? Well, unfortunately during one of our fun play moments, hubby was injured. A dislocated shoulder had him at the ER within two hours of the injury. It was devastating for him, for me and for our kids. They didn’t know what happened to their daddy. He was in pain and there was nothing that any of us could do to relieve it. While waiting to leave for the hospital, my best friend carried our very frightened 5-year-old over to see her daddy. N said, “Can I please pray for my daddy?” And she did. It was a simple prayer. Nothing elegant or eloquent. She just prayed. She talked with her Heavenly Father and she let go of her worries and fears. It was a sobering moment. To be honest, I hadn’t yet thought of praying. But, our daughter chose to pray. And that is why I chose the verse. At any moment, in any situation, our Heavenly Father is waiting for us. He wants our burdens and cares no matter how small or big they seem. It is up to us to lay them down.

Despite the injury, we had a great trip. Though we wish hubby’s accident wouldn’t have happened, we find ourselves thankful.

Here are some fun pictures from our time away …


fun in the sun

boat rides

peaceful moments

God’s handiwork




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6 Responses to What a weekend …

  1. Debra Storey says:

    KC, thank you for this beautiful reminder. Unfortunately, I’m a human DOing — I want to fix the problem first, and only then do I remember that I should rest in the Lord. I love that your daughter reminds us that we must have the faith of a child. Lovely photos, too. Please keep us the great work. You are an inspiration to me.

  2. Kristin says:

    Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Ellen Hoffman says:

    WOW, Life is good! The pictures really glorify God in His best moments!!!

  4. Beth says:

    I’ve just started following your blog and am inspired by your thoughtful entries. I have a habit of reading the information boards in front of churches and our local salvation army location out loud to my children as we drive by them and discuss them the first time we see them. From then on (we will pass them M-F twice a day) I just say them aloud. Sometimes everyone is listening other times, it’s just for me. Also, my friend has come up with a character building wall chart that you may enjoy. http://www.facebook.com/#!/media/set/?set=a.259461437402129.82252.134032363278371&type=1

    • K.C. says:

      That is a really good habit for you and your kids; encouragement along the road, literally. Thanks for the link, too. What a great idea!

  5. Dacey says:

    Ahhh, K.C. – Just heard about the trip. Praying for healing for you and the family. Doesn’t surprise me a bit that she decided to pray :) Ki has done this a time or to for me and a peace just washes over me. Thanks for the reminder and for starting this post out with one of my FAVORITE verses.

    The pics are beautiful as is your family inside and out. Miss you bunches. xoxo.


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