My Status Update

Facebook. Yesterday, I posted this, “I’m taking a sabbatical. See you in 2013, maybe.” It has taken me about two months to get up the nerve to actually write those nine words in my status update. I have had a close relationship with FB for several years. It keeps me connected to my loved ones far away. It allows me to catch up on school pictures of children I adore. It even gives me snippets of weddings, baby showers, ceremonies I am unable to attend. I. love. it. It was a stroke of genius and for this military wife, it has kept me “connected.”

That is just it. Connected. Or should I say addicted. I know that is a strong word, but it seems I wouldn’t go ten minutes without checking my account. I wasn’t looking for a note or posting about me necessarily, I was just catching up on the activities of the day. I thought it was funny that my friend got locked out of her house because her 2 year old closed the door {it ended well, don’t worry}. I enjoyed reading that my good friends will move in to their house in one month. And the babies, oh the babies! I can’t get enough of those posts or the pictures. Innocent enough. Or at least that is what I’d tell myself. Until I began to notice something drastic in my life. It went something like this,

Child :: Mommy, can you help me get some tape?

Mom:: In a minute honey, Mommy is working on something. {continue reading FB}

Child {5 mins later} :: Mommmmmmmy! Can you please help me!

Mom :: UGHH! YES! I will get you your tape! Can’t you see mommy is busy! {puts down phone or closes computer in frustration}

This was a common day occurrence here at my house. I am not proud of it. In fact, I am ashamed of it. I so often put FB as a priority over my children. Yes, I have emails I have to respond to and phone calls I have to make. I DO have things I need to get done during the day. But I am personally convicted by the energy and attention I have given FB.

What is reveals to me is that I am not living in the moment. I am consumed by the happenings of everyone else’s life and forgetting that I have a life to live right in front of me. I have children to pour into, a husband to serve, friendships to nurture, a home to maintain and a purpose to fulfill. I in no way think FB is evil or should not be a part of someone’s life. In fact, I am going to miss it. A lot. I am, however, coming to grips with the reality that I am not mature enough to know when enough is enough. I get too wrapped up. Too consumed. Too connected.

I want to live in the moment. Be available. Listen. Be attentive.

Have a beautiful, and attentive, Wednesday!


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3 Responses to My Status Update

  1. Megan says:

    Could not agree more!! I too have found myself either on facebook, or reading blogs and neglecting to attend to my childrens needs/priorities. It is amazing how quickly we can get wrapped up in what we are doing (and I feel the same way as you do- there is no justification for being wrapped up in fb). I am pretty sure you speak for the masses with this post and I am soooo thankful to hear I am not the only woman who has been guilty of this. Your honesty and transparency is much appreciated!

  2. I could’ve written every. single. word. of this. And I’m ashamed too. I’m encouraged by your decision to step away. I need to do this same.

  3. Libby says:

    I’ve felt the same recently. It’s so addictive! I’m on there less and less and can feel life changing — even if just my attention span — and it’s a good thing.

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