Merry Christmas

I haven’t visited blogland for a while so I thought I’d pop in and say, “hi”!

Many of you will be spending time with family and friends; rejoicing in the season’s best surrounded by those you love. Awesome.

What are some of your traditions that you have held on to over the years? Any new ones you have just started?

Some of our favorites … baking not-so-good-for-you treats, caroling, drinking hot chocolate while driving around looking at Christmas lights, watching lots of Christmas movies and of course staying up way too late wrapping stocking stuffer gifts. Okay, maybe not the last one.

As I’ve gotten older, I realize how much I love tradition. We have chosen to keep a few family traditions that are dear to my heart.  For example, this week the kids and I will be baking bread to take to our neighbors. The same recipe I followed when I baked bread with my mom as a kid. I loved walking to each neighbor. And now, I get to stand back and watch their generous, excited hearts as they say, “Merry Christmas” and hand over their labor of love. Pure JOY!

Above all, I pray that your holiday season is draped in love because of God’s gift. That you hold on to dear ones extra tight this year. That you would make lasting memories. That you would give to those in need. Life is a gift and should not be taken lightly. And, for those of you that might be lonely, grieved, frustrated, angry and possibly all of the above, I pray for God’s comfort this season, That His arms would wrap tightly around you and that you would be able to walk one foot in front of the other, knowing that He has not forgotten about you.

xmas pic

{photo :: Paige}

Merry Christmas friends. From me to you …


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9 Responses to Merry Christmas

  1. Kathi says:

    It is just wonderful to hear from you as we are about to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior! Our Pastor spoke this past Sunday on how we can be sensitive to those for whom this season is difficult at best due to loss of loved ones, financial worries, difficult relationships. Often a kind gesture, a loaf of fresh baked bread perhaps, can make all of the difference. Wishing you a Christmas draped in the love of Christ!

  2. Mom/MiMi says:

    Guess What? Dad and I put our list together this morning! 72 small loaves of LOVE! You are all so… precious. I love how God is using you to spread HIS SPIRIT…

  3. Mom/MiMi says:


  4. Mary says:

    Thank you once again for your inspirational and beautful writings. As I go through this holiday season as a newly widowed woman I pray that Our Lord continues to bless me and shows me the way to a happy heart.

  5. cherish says:

    It is great to hear from you. Your post was very heartfelt as always. I absolutely love the family picture-Christmas card. Your family is so adorable and you look amazing in that dress! I love hearing about other family’s traditions. The baking bread for the neighbors– What a wonderful thing to hand down through the generations!
    I pray your family has a very blessed Christmas, and I pray along with you for those that may be struggling this Christmas.
    You are an encouragement to me in Christ!

  6. Ellen Hoffman says:

    Beautiful picture! Keep cherishing those lovely traditions! Maybe we will bump into you all at one of the many church services Calvary will have on Christmas Eve.

  7. cutest family picture ever! can i borrow that dress? 😉

  8. Jan says:

    Thank you so much for such sweet wishes for us all for Christmas!! I have to ask if it would be ok youse some of your wishes to my Facebook friends for Christmas?! Your words are perfect for how we should all live our lives as Christ followers! Bless you Nd your sweet family! Jan

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