More Than Enough

Here it is, the morning of January 15th. I sip my coffee, feet on the coffee table, listening to the crackle of the fire. All is quiet. Well, except the sound machine I hear off in the distance in an effort to keep my two year old asleep until at least 645. Solitude. Peace. Jesus. This is not a New Year’s resolution. I’ve tried to exercise this habit for a few years now. I don’t always do it well, but when I do actually get out of bed to embrace the silence, I find I love it here.

I didn’t really make any resolutions this year. Jokingly I told someone that I didn’t make any so that I could not fail. I mean come on, who likes to fail? But, the truth is that I wasn’t actually that in tune with my fears it was more about how quickly this holiday season came and went. I never really took a moment to reflect and then jot down some of my thoughts. I have thoughts. Lots of them. Dreams. Hopes. Desires. Aspirations.

Things like :: that my kids would know Jesus in a more real way, that I would keep up on laundry, that I’d have better time management, that my husband would have less of a load because I am not just an adequate partner but an excellent one, that I would do one DIY project a month, that I wouldn’t yell so much at my kids, that I’d finish the burlap runner I started for my dining room table, that I’d keep plants alive in my house, less fighting between the kids, train for an olympic-distance triathalon, play more games with the kids, eat well, make the most of the our YMCA membership, volunteer in the classroom, make more time for Jesus to be present in our lives, live simply, color more with my kids, read books {besides the books I read to the kids} …

Should I keep going?

No matter what, I’d fail this year. That is guaranteed. Just reading this list makes my palms sweat and I get clammy all over. Maybe if I were super woman…but alas, I am not. I am merely a human trying to swim and keep my head above water. Desperately trying to keep the green monster from convincing me that I need more. I love Pinterest but sheesh, I can walk away feeling pretty discontent with my life after a few minutes of innocent browsing. Can I get an amen?

In God’s incredible faithfulness and perfect timing {Sunday morning when I didn’t expect it}, he reminded me that He is more than enough for me. No matter what effort KC gives in this life there will be some degree of failure, probably in abundance. He needs to be enough for me. I’m not sure I am always okay with that. Yes, I just said that. Sometimes I am not content in Christ. It is humbling, embarrassing. My eyes deceive me and my heart follows suit. I am easily swayed into thinking that “things” will make me a better me. Clothes. Books. Money. We know from God’s Truth that those things will return to dust.  Jesus is more than enough for me in this moment, today, this year and until I see him face to face.  

More Than Enough

{Lincoln Brewster}

I am sure I don’t need to explain that I will still tackle my lists and stay active in life. But I want to live like and believe that He is more than enough for me. My identity and my worth are found in Him alone.

Enough said? {wink}

Embracing 2013,


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10 Responses to More Than Enough

  1. Trina CHRISTENSON says:

    Thank you KC. I really needed to know that I’m not the only one that has all those exact feelings. Today I will move forward knowing Jesus is enough – today, tomorrow and forever! Trina

  2. Mom says:

    Yesterday one of the girls @ work showed me her wrist tatoo… it simply said…BE STILL… That spoke volumes to me yesterday… It is impossible to succeed @ life without knowing our creator intimately… and… that starts with spending time in HIS presence like you are trying to do… KC… What a good reminder to us all. Even the failures don’t hurt as much if we know HE’S a part of it all… good and not so… good. Thanks Jesus for capturing our hearts.
    I love you dear daughter. xoxox

  3. Cherish says:

    Thank you KC for the wonderful reminder that Jesus is more than enough to fill any void in my heart. I am reminded by your words that He is all I need—nothing else! As always I love your posts and you remind me where my true identity is found. Thankyou!

  4. your sweet words are a blessing.

  5. Anita Martinez says:

    KC, I appreciate your openness, honesty and for saying what we all think and feel. Thank you for the reminder that Jesus is enough for us.

  6. Brian D Pattison says:

    “Turn your eyes upon Jesus…..
    the things of this earth wil grow strangely dim”.
    Just what you said. Love, dad

  7. tammy says:

    He is enough. truth. but we live in a culture and a world where we are constantly having to prove ourselves, striving for more, seeking to measure up. but to whom? great post challenging our narcissistic, competitive culture to refocus on Him, and His unending grace and love. we are always enough in His eyes. thanks!

  8. Lisa says:

    Wow! Just the fact that u r in tune and recognize all of the things you just talked about makes me a little envious of the prompting of the Spirit in your life! It took a study of Galations for me to even consider any of this….the thing I am learning, I will always fail at my own goals and expectations, and those of others but, thru the cross I am perfect in the eyes of the Lord!!!!! Cheers to living everyday behind the leadership of Jesus!

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