My Grey Sweater

This morning my son had his preschool program. Of course, it was a “bring a dessert to share” type of a deal. Yesterday I set out on an adventure to make cake pops. I don’t even really like cake pops, but I thought the idea sounded good and the kids and I would have a great time. I ran around all over the place to get all the necessary components. Last night we were well into step 3 when they flopped. Literally. I had cake balls falling in the melted chocolate, falling in the sprinkles, rolling off the counter and crumbling into messes on the floor.

. D I S A S T E R .

The laughter that ensued however was priceless.

This morning, I was in bed thinking about how much of a failure I was at baking with my kids. About 4 minutes into feeling sorry for myself I threw on some clothes {jeans and my grey sweater} and quickly headed to the store. Pretzels, Rolos and Pecans make an awesome makeshift “turtle delight” in a pinch. I was feeling better, until I saw her. Her. I am referring to a beautiful young gal walking with some friends. She had thick curly dark hair. And she was dressed in a pretty black dress. She walked with two young boys. Normally I would have just driven by without a care, but not this morning. I cared today. This little black dress she had on was a halter top and there was little material covering her. Oh and, it was 49 degrees and pouring rain. I kept driving and then I had that feeling, you know the one where God is telling you that he has something for you to do. It was there. I turned the car around and began driving in her direction. “Give her your sweater.” What? You have got to be kidding me? Really? Okay. As I pulled up I felt like a freak, I really did. I asked if I could speak with her. It went something like this, “Hi. I just wanted to tell you that I saw you walking and wondered if you are really cold. I have a daughter myself and my heart hurt to think that you might be in need. I would love to give you this sweater if you’ll take it.” With her beautiful blue eyes and her bright smile she said thank you, but no. She told me she had a jacket in her friend’s bag and that she was fine. I closed our little conversation with, “Okay sweetie, well I want you to know that you are a beautiful young lady and I cared enough to turn around and make sure you were okay.” Again she smiled and said thank you.

As I pulled away I began to cry. And then I wept. I cried not because she refused my sweater, but she refused her own. I cried because she so desperately wants to be beautiful {maybe to those boys} and was willing to walk in the rain with little clothing to protect her. Maybe she wanted to fit in and quite possibly her coat didn’t match so she chose to shiver instead. I don’t know her situation or her life at all. But I do know that we have a God that loves us. He adores us. And we need to be telling people that. The young women in our lives need to know how much they are cared for. How beautiful they are. And, that they are worth far more than precious stones.

As I hung up my grey sweater, I asked God if I did the right thing.

I regret not asking her name. I regret not telling her about Jesus. I regret not investing more.

Please God, use my feeble attempts and my stuttering words to bring glory to your name.


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7 Responses to My Grey Sweater

  1. Ellen says:

    Grey Sweater; Way to test the voice of the Spirit! I believe God beams over our hearts’ intentions in these kind of opportunities like we would be blessed and proud of our children who at least get up on stage, even if only to lip sing. We want them to try. We are His kids!

  2. Sheila says:

    What a wonderful thing to do! Bless your heart. Yes, you DID do the right thing. You had an impact on that girl that she won’t soon forget. Jesus was thrilled, I am sure. Love your story!

    Sheila in Oregon

  3. ginny says:

    You are so sweet and caring. I work at a high school and as being in high school (a millions years ago..hahaha) they and I would have never worn something to stay warm if it did not match or go with the look. I did stand in the rain, freezing in high school one day just because I did not have the right coat. You are right to pray for her though! I consider my high school of 4500 teens a mission field.

  4. brenda says:

    yours was one of the steps on her journey that made the way easier for the next person that she is met with.

  5. God blesses us and those around us when we trust Him and obey the voice of the Spirit. He used you that day and what an awesome privilege that is. You made me care again, too, thank you for writing this.

  6. Jenny says:

    What an inspiring story. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Kerry says:

    Powerful words describing a true need in our torn world. Your sensitivity ~ first to make the offer, and then to share your observation with us, inspires me.

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